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client_state_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for client_state_t:

Data Fields

int cdtrack
int chase
usercmd_t cmd
int completed_time
float crouch
cshift_t cshifts [NUM_CSHIFTS]
float driftmove
struct plitem_s * edicts
float faceanimtime
int fbskins
int fpd
frame_t frames [UPDATE_BACKUP]
int gametype
float idealpitch
int intermission
qboolean inwater
float item_gettime [32]
double last_ping_request
float last_received_message
double last_servermessage
double laststop
char levelname [40]
lightstyle_t lightstyle [MAX_LIGHTSTYLES]
int link_sequence
qboolean loading
int maxclients
int mindex
char model_name [MAX_MODELS][MAX_QPATH]
struct model_smodel_precache [MAX_MODELS]
int movemessages
double mtime [2]
vec3_t mvelocity [2]
vec3_t mviewangles [2]
int no_pogo_stick
qboolean nodrift
int num_entities
int nummodels
int numsounds
double oldtime
int onground
int parsecount
qboolean paused
float pitchvel
int playernum
player_info_t players [MAX_CLIENTS]
cshift_t prev_cshifts [NUM_CSHIFTS]
int prev_sequence
unsigned protocol
vec3_t punchangle
int servercount
struct info_s * serverinfo
vec3_t simangles
vec3_t simorg
vec3_t simvel
char sound_name [MAX_SOUNDS][MAX_QPATH]
struct sfx_ssound_precache [MAX_SOUNDS]
int spectator
int stats [MAX_CL_STATS]
float stdver
int sv_cshifts
int teamplay
double time
int validsequence
vec3_t velocity
vec3_t viewangles
entity_t viewent
int viewentity
float viewheight
int watervis
struct model_sworldmodel
struct plitem_s * worldspawn

Field Documentation

int cdtrack
int chase
usercmd_t cmd
int completed_time
float crouch
cshift_t cshifts
float driftmove
struct plitem_s * edicts
float faceanimtime
int fbskins
int fpd
int gametype
float idealpitch
int intermission
qboolean inwater
float item_gettime
double last_ping_request
float last_received_message
double last_servermessage
double laststop
char levelname
lightstyle_t lightstyle
int link_sequence
qboolean loading
int maxclients
int mindex
char model_name[MAX_MODELS][MAX_QPATH]
struct model_s * model_precache
int movemessages
double mtime[2]
vec3_t mvelocity[2]
vec3_t mviewangles[2]
int no_pogo_stick
qboolean nodrift
int num_entities
int nummodels
int numsounds
double oldtime
int onground
int parsecount
qboolean paused
float pitchvel
int playernum
cshift_t prev_cshifts
int prev_sequence
unsigned protocol
vec3_t punchangle
scoreboard_t* scores
int servercount
struct info_s* serverinfo
vec3_t simangles
vec3_t simorg
vec3_t simvel
char sound_name[MAX_SOUNDS][MAX_QPATH]
struct sfx_s * sound_precache
int spectator
int stats
float stdver
int sv_cshifts
int teamplay
double time
int validsequence
vec3_t velocity
vec3_t viewangles
entity_t viewent
int viewentity
float viewheight
int watervis
struct model_s * worldmodel
struct plitem_s * worldspawn

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