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qtypes.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  Dual_t
struct  DualQuat_t
struct  plane_s
union  Quat_t
struct  sphere_s


#define _DEF_BOOL_
#define _DEF_BYTE_
#define field_offset(type, field)   ((size_t)&(((type *)0)->field))
#define MAX_QPATH   64
#define SIDE_BACK   1
#define SIDE_FRONT   0
#define SIDE_ON   2


typedef uint8_t byte
typedef int fixed16_t
typedef int fixed4_t
typedef int fixed8_t
typedef float mat3_t [3 *3]
typedef float mat4_t [4 *4]
typedef struct plane_s plane_t
typedef vec_t quat_t [4]
 A quaternion. More...
typedef struct sphere_s sphere_t
typedef vec_t vec3_t [3]
 A 3D vector (used for Euler angles and motion vectors) More...
typedef vec_t vec4_t [4]
typedef vec_t vec5_t [5]
typedef float vec_t
 The basic vector component type. More...


enum  qboolean { false, true }

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _DEF_BOOL_
#define _DEF_BYTE_
#define field_offset (   type,
)    ((size_t)&(((type *)0)->field))
#define MAX_QPATH   64
#define SIDE_BACK   1
#define SIDE_FRONT   0
#define SIDE_ON   2

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint8_t byte
typedef int fixed16_t
typedef int fixed4_t
typedef int fixed8_t
typedef float mat3_t[3 *3]
typedef float mat4_t[4 *4]
typedef struct plane_s plane_t
typedef vec_t quat_t[4]

A quaternion.

typedef struct sphere_s sphere_t
typedef vec_t vec3_t[3]

A 3D vector (used for Euler angles and motion vectors)

typedef vec_t vec4_t[4]
typedef vec_t vec5_t[5]
typedef float vec_t

The basic vector component type.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum qboolean