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sfx_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for sfx_s:

Data Fields

void(* close )(sfx_t *sfx)
union {
   struct sfxblock_s *   block
   struct sfxstream_s *   stream
struct sfxbuffer_s *(* getbuffer )(sfx_t *sfx)
unsigned int length
unsigned int loopstart
const char * name
sfx_t *(* open )(sfx_t *sfx)
void(* release )(sfx_t *sfx)
struct sfxbuffer_s *(* retain )(sfx_t *sfx)
struct sfxbuffer_s *(* touch )(sfx_t *sfx)
struct wavinfo_s *(* wavinfo )(sfx_t *sfx)

Field Documentation

struct sfxblock_s* block
void(* close)(sfx_t *sfx)
union { ... } data
struct sfxbuffer_s*(* getbuffer)(sfx_t *sfx)
unsigned int length
unsigned int loopstart
const char* name
sfx_t*(* open)(sfx_t *sfx)
sfx_t* owner
void(* release)(sfx_t *sfx)
struct sfxbuffer_s*(* retain)(sfx_t *sfx)
struct sfxstream_s* stream
struct sfxbuffer_s*(* touch)(sfx_t *sfx)
struct wavinfo_s*(* wavinfo)(sfx_t *sfx)

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