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Describes the sound data. More...

Data Fields

unsigned channels
 number of channels More...
unsigned datalen
 chunk bytes More...
unsigned dataofs
 chunk starts this many bytes from BOF More...
unsigned frames
 size of sound in frames More...
unsigned loopstart
 start frame of loop. -1 = no loop More...
unsigned rate
 sample rate More...
unsigned width
 bytes per sample More...

Detailed Description

Describes the sound data.

For looped data (loopstart >= 0), play starts at sample 0, goes to the end, then loops back to loopstart. This allows an optional lead in section followed by a continuously looped (until the sound is stopped) section.

Field Documentation

unsigned channels

number of channels

unsigned datalen

chunk bytes

unsigned dataofs

chunk starts this many bytes from BOF

unsigned frames

size of sound in frames

unsigned loopstart

start frame of loop. -1 = no loop

unsigned rate

sample rate

unsigned width

bytes per sample

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