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Sound rendering sub-system.


 Cache/Stream Functions.
 Mixer engine.
 Resampling functions
 Sound loading functions

Data Structures

struct  channel_s
 Representation of a sound being played. More...
struct  dma_s
 communication structure between output drivers and renderer More...
struct  portable_samplepair_s
 Represent a sound sample in the mixer. More...
struct  sfxblock_s
 Representation of sound loaded into memory as a full block. More...
struct  sfxbuffer_s
 Buffer for storing sound samples in memory. More...
struct  sfxstream_s
 Representation of sound loaded that is streamed in as needed. More...
struct  wavinfo_s
 Describes the sound data. More...


#define PAINTBUFFER_SIZE   512


typedef struct channel_s channel_t
typedef struct dma_s dma_t
typedef struct
typedef struct sfxblock_s sfxblock_t
typedef struct sfxbuffer_s sfxbuffer_t
typedef void sfxpaint_t (int, channel_t *, float *, unsigned)
 paint samples into the mix buffer More...
typedef struct sfxstream_s sfxstream_t
typedef struct wavinfo_s wavinfo_t


struct cvar_ssnd_interp
struct cvar_ssnd_loadas8bit
portable_samplepair_t snd_paintbuffer [PAINTBUFFER_SIZE *2]
snd_render_data_t snd_render_data
volatile dma_tsnd_shm
struct cvar_ssnd_stereo_phase_separation
struct cvar_ssnd_volume

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PAINTBUFFER_SIZE   512

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct channel_s channel_t
typedef struct dma_s dma_t
typedef struct sfxblock_s sfxblock_t
typedef struct sfxbuffer_s sfxbuffer_t
typedef void sfxpaint_t(int, channel_t *, float *, unsigned)

paint samples into the mix buffer

offsetoffset into the mix buffer at which to start mixing the channel
chsound channel
buffersound data
countnumber of frames to paint
typedef struct sfxstream_s sfxstream_t
typedef struct wavinfo_s wavinfo_t

Variable Documentation

struct cvar_s* snd_interp
struct cvar_s* snd_loadas8bit
snd_render_data_t snd_render_data
volatile dma_t* snd_shm
struct cvar_s* snd_stereo_phase_separation
struct cvar_s* snd_volume