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client_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for client_s:

Data Fields

qboolean active
backbuf_t backbuf
int chokecount
struct client_sclnext
usercmd_t cmd
int colors
struct connection_scon
int connected
double connection_started
double cuff_time
sizebuf_t datagram
byte datagram_buf [MAX_DATAGRAM]
delta_t delta
int delta_sequence
int downloadcount
int downloadsize
int drop
qboolean drop
qboolean dropasap
struct edict_sedict
float entgravity
frame_t frames [UPDATE_BACKUP]
laggedentinfo_t laggedents [MAX_CLIENTS]
unsigned laggedents_count
float laggedents_frac
double last_check
double last_message
usercmd_t lastcmd
int lastnamecount
float lastnametime
double localtime
double lockedtill
int lossage
float maxspeed
sizebuf_t message
int messagelevel
int msec_cheating
int msecs
byte msgbuf [MAX_MSGLEN]
const char * name
char name [32]
netchan_t netchan
struct qsocket_snetconnection
struct client_snext
int num_pings
int old_frags
int oldbuttons
int oldonground
entity_state_t packet_entities [UPDATE_BACKUP][MAX_PACKET_ENTITIES]
int ping
float ping_times [NUM_PING_TIMES]
qboolean prespawned
struct client_s ** prev
qboolean privileged
qboolean remote_snap
qboolean send_message
qboolean sendinfo
qboolean sendsignon
struct server_sserver
netadr_t snap_from
float spawn_parms [NUM_SPAWN_PARMS]
qboolean spawned
unsigned spec_track
int spec_track
int spectator
plent_state_t state
sv_client_state_t state
int stats [MAX_CL_STATS]
float stdver
char stufftext_buf [MAX_STUFFTEXT]
struct dstring_suploadfn
int userid
struct info_s * userinfo
double whensaid [10]
int whensaidhead
vec3_t wishdir

Field Documentation

qboolean active
backbuf_t backbuf
int chokecount
struct client_s* clnext
usercmd_t cmd
int colors
struct connection_s* con
int connected
double connection_started
double cuff_time
sizebuf_t datagram
byte datagram_buf
delta_t delta
int delta_sequence
QFile* download
int downloadcount
int downloadsize
int drop
qboolean drop
qboolean dropasap
edict_t* edict
struct edict_s* edict
float entgravity
unsigned laggedents_count
float laggedents_frac
double last_check
double last_message
usercmd_t lastcmd
int lastnamecount
float lastnametime
double localtime
double lockedtill
int lossage
float maxspeed
sizebuf_t message
int messagelevel
int msec_cheating
int msecs
byte msgbuf[MAX_MSGLEN]
const char* name
char name
netchan_t netchan
struct qsocket_s* netconnection
struct client_s* next
int num_pings
int old_frags
int oldbuttons
int oldonground
int ping
float ping_times[NUM_PING_TIMES]
qboolean prespawned
struct client_s** prev
qboolean privileged
qboolean remote_snap
qboolean send_message
qboolean sendinfo
qboolean sendsignon
struct server_s* server
netadr_t snap_from
float spawn_parms
qboolean spawned
unsigned spec_track
int spec_track
int spectator
int stats[MAX_CL_STATS]
float stdver
char stufftext_buf[MAX_STUFFTEXT]
QFile* upload
struct dstring_s* uploadfn
int userid
struct info_s * userinfo
double whensaid[10]
int whensaidhead
vec3_t wishdir

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