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qsocket_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for qsocket_s:

Data Fields

struct qsocket_snext
socket timing
double connecttime
 Time client connected. More...
double lastMessageTime
 Time last message was received. More...
double lastSendTime
 Time last message was sent. More...
socket status
qboolean disconnected
 Socket is not in use. More...
qboolean canSend
 Socket can send a message. More...
qboolean sendNext
socket drivers
int driver
 Net driver used by this socket. More...
int landriver
 Lan driver used by this socket. More...
int socket
 Lan driver socket handle. More...
void * driverdata
 Net driver private data. More...
message transmission
unsigned int ackSequence
unsigned int sendSequence
unsigned int unreliableSendSequence
int sendMessageLength
byte sendMessage [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
message reception
unsigned int receiveSequence
unsigned int unreliableReceiveSequence
int receiveMessageLength
byte receiveMessage [NET_MAXMESSAGE]
socket address
netadr_t addr
char address [NET_NAMELEN]
 Human readable form. More...

Field Documentation

unsigned int ackSequence
netadr_t addr
char address[NET_NAMELEN]

Human readable form.

qboolean canSend

Socket can send a message.

double connecttime

Time client connected.

qboolean disconnected

Socket is not in use.

int driver

Net driver used by this socket.

void* driverdata

Net driver private data.

int landriver

Lan driver used by this socket.

double lastMessageTime

Time last message was received.

double lastSendTime

Time last message was sent.

struct qsocket_s* next
byte receiveMessage[NET_MAXMESSAGE]
int receiveMessageLength
unsigned int receiveSequence
byte sendMessage[NET_MAXMESSAGE]
int sendMessageLength
qboolean sendNext
unsigned int sendSequence
int socket

Lan driver socket handle.

unsigned int unreliableReceiveSequence
unsigned int unreliableSendSequence

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