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netmain.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  _PollProcedure
struct  hostcache_t
struct  net_driver_t
struct  net_landriver_t
struct  netadr_t
struct  qsocket_s


#define MAX_NET_DRIVERS   8
#define NET_HEADERSIZE   (2 * sizeof(unsigned int))
#define NET_MAXMESSAGE   32000
#define NET_NAMELEN   64
NetHeader flags
#define NETFLAG_LENGTH_MASK   0x0000ffff
#define NETFLAG_DATA   0x00010000
#define NETFLAG_ACK   0x00020000
#define NETFLAG_NAK   0x00040000
#define NETFLAG_EOM   0x00080000
#define NETFLAG_UNRELIABLE   0x00100000
#define NETFLAG_CTL   0x80000000
Connection Protocol

This is the network info/connection protocol.

It is used to find Quake servers, get info about them, and connect to them. Once connected, the Quake game protocol (documented elsewhere) is used.

General notes:

There are two address forms used. The short form is just a port number. The address that goes along with the port is defined as "whatever address you receive this reponse from". This lets us use the host OS to solve the problem of multiple host addresses (possibly with no routing between them); the host will use the right address when we reply to the inbound connection request. The long from is a full address and port in a string. It is used for returning the address of a server that is not running locally.
#define CCREQ_CONNECT   0x01
 Connect Request: More...
#define CCREQ_SERVER_INFO   0x02
 Connect Request: More...
#define CCREQ_PLAYER_INFO   0x03
 Connect Request: More...
#define CCREQ_RULE_INFO   0x04
 Connect Request: More...
#define CCREP_ACCEPT   0x81
 Connect Reply: More...
#define CCREP_REJECT   0x82
 Connect Reply: More...
#define CCREP_SERVER_INFO   0x83
 Connect Reply: More...
#define CCREP_PLAYER_INFO   0x84
 Connect Reply: More...
#define CCREP_RULE_INFO   0x85
 Connect Reply: More...


typedef struct _PollProcedure PollProcedure
typedef struct qsocket_s qsocket_t


qboolean NET_CanSendMessage (qsocket_t *sock)
 Check if a message can be sent to the connection. More...
struct qsocket_sNET_CheckNewConnections (void)
 Check for new connections. More...
void NET_Close (struct qsocket_s *sock)
 Close a connection. More...
struct qsocket_sNET_Connect (const char *host)
 Connect to a host. More...
void NET_FreeQSocket (qsocket_t *sock)
 Destroy a qsocket. More...
int NET_GetMessage (struct qsocket_s *sock)
 Read a single message from the connection into net_message. More...
void NET_Init (void)
 Initialize the networking sub-system. More...
qsocket_tNET_NewQSocket (void)
 Create and initialize a new qsocket. More...
void NET_Poll (void)
 Run any current poll procedures. More...
int NET_SendMessage (struct qsocket_s *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
 Send a single reliable message to the connection. More...
int NET_SendToAll (sizebuf_t *data, double blocktime)
 Send a reliable message to all attached clients. More...
int NET_SendUnreliableMessage (struct qsocket_s *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
 Send a single unreliable message to the connection. More...
void NET_Shutdown (void)
 Shutdown the networking sub-system. More...
void SchedulePollProcedure (PollProcedure *pp, double timeOffset)
 Schedule a poll procedure to run. More...
double SetNetTime (void)
 Cache the system time for the network sub-system. More...


int DEFAULTnet_hostport
hostcache_t hostcache [HOSTCACHESIZE]
int hostCacheCount
struct cvar_shostname
char my_tcpip_address [NET_NAMELEN]
int net_activeconnections
int net_driverlevel
net_driver_t net_drivers [MAX_NET_DRIVERS]
int net_hostport
net_landriver_t net_landrivers [MAX_NET_DRIVERS]
struct msg_snet_message
int net_numdrivers
int net_numlandrivers
double net_time
qboolean slistInProgress
qboolean slistLocal
qboolean slistSilent
qboolean tcpipAvailable
socket management
int net_numsockets
message statistics
int messagesSent
int messagesReceived
int unreliableMessagesSent
int unreliableMessagesReceived