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net_dgrm.c File Reference


#define BAN_TEST
#define dfunc   net_landrivers[net_landriverlevel]
#define sfunc   net_landrivers[sock->landriver]


qboolean Datagram_CanSendMessage (qsocket_t *sock)
 Check if a reliable message can be sent to the socket. More...
qboolean Datagram_CanSendUnreliableMessage (qsocket_t *sock)
 Check if an unreliable message can be sent to the socket. More...
qsocket_tDatagram_CheckNewConnections (void)
 Check for a new incoming connection. More...
void Datagram_Close (qsocket_t *sock)
 Close the socket. More...
qsocket_tDatagram_Connect (const char *host)
 Connect to the specified host. More...
int Datagram_GetMessage (qsocket_t *sock)
 Check for and process an incoming packet on the socket. More...
int Datagram_Init (void)
 Initialize the Datagram net driver. More...
void Datagram_Listen (qboolean state)
 Control the listen status of the underlying lan drivers. More...
void Datagram_SearchForHosts (qboolean xmit)
 Search for hosts (servers) on the local network. More...
int Datagram_SendMessage (qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
 Send a reliable packet to the socket. More...
int Datagram_SendUnreliableMessage (qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
 Send an unreliable packet to the socket. More...
void Datagram_Shutdown (void)
 Shutdown the Datagram net driver. More...


in_addr_t banAddr = 0x00000000
in_addr_t banMask = 0xffffffff
int droppedDatagrams
struct {
   byte   data [MAX_DATAGRAM]
   unsigned int   length
   unsigned int   sequence
int packetsReceived = 0
int packetsReSent = 0
int packetsSent = 0
int receivedDuplicateCount = 0
int shortPacketCount = 0
PollProcedure test2PollProcedure = { NULL, 0.0, Test2_Poll }
PollProcedure testPollProcedure = { NULL, 0.0, Test_Poll }

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BAN_TEST
#define dfunc   net_landrivers[net_landriverlevel]
#define sfunc   net_landrivers[sock->landriver]

Variable Documentation

in_addr_t banAddr = 0x00000000
in_addr_t banMask = 0xffffffff
int droppedDatagrams
unsigned int length
struct { ... } packetBuffer
int packetsReceived = 0
int packetsReSent = 0
int packetsSent = 0
int receivedDuplicateCount = 0
unsigned int sequence
int shortPacketCount = 0
PollProcedure test2PollProcedure = { NULL, 0.0, Test2_Poll }
PollProcedure testPollProcedure = { NULL, 0.0, Test_Poll }