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Collaboration diagram for net_driver_t:

Data Fields

qboolean(* CanSendMessage )(qsocket_t *sock)
qboolean(* CanSendUnreliableMessage )(qsocket_t *sock)
qsocket_t *(* CheckNewConnections )(void)
void(* Close )(qsocket_t *sock)
qsocket_t *(* Connect )(const char *host)
int controlSock
int(* Init )(void)
qboolean initialized
void(* Listen )(qboolean state)
const char * name
int(* QGetMessage )(qsocket_t *sock)
int(* QSendMessage )(qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
void(* SearchForHosts )(qboolean xmit)
int(* SendUnreliableMessage )(qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
void(* Shutdown )(void)

Field Documentation

qboolean(* CanSendMessage)(qsocket_t *sock)
qboolean(* CanSendUnreliableMessage)(qsocket_t *sock)
qsocket_t*(* CheckNewConnections)(void)
void(* Close)(qsocket_t *sock)
qsocket_t*(* Connect)(const char *host)
int controlSock
int(* Init)(void)
qboolean initialized
void(* Listen)(qboolean state)
const char* name
int(* QGetMessage)(qsocket_t *sock)
int(* QSendMessage)(qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
void(* SearchForHosts)(qboolean xmit)
int(* SendUnreliableMessage)(qsocket_t *sock, sizebuf_t *data)
void(* Shutdown)(void)

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