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server_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for server_s:

Data Fields

const char * address
netadr_t adr
entity_state_t baselines [MAX_SV_ENTITIES]
int cdtrack
struct client_sclients
struct connection_scon
int connected
int delta
byte ent_valid [MAX_SV_ENTITIES]
entity_state_t entities [MAX_SV_ENTITIES]
entity_state_t entity_states [UPDATE_BACKUP][MAX_DEMO_PACKET_ENTITIES]
frame_t frames [UPDATE_BACKUP]
const char * gamedir
struct info_s * info
char * lightstyles [MAX_LIGHTSTYLES]
const char * message
char * modellist [MAX_MODELS+1]
movevars_t movevars
const char * name
netchan_t netchan
struct server_snext
double next_run
int num_signon_buffers
unsigned player_mask
plent_state_t player_states [UPDATE_BACKUP][MAX_SV_PLAYERS]
int playermodel
player_t players [MAX_SV_PLAYERS]
int qport
int signon
int signon_buffer_size [MAX_SIGNON_BUFFERS]
byte signon_buffers [MAX_SIGNON_BUFFERS][MAX_DATAGRAM]
char * soundlist [MAX_SOUNDS+1]
int sounds
int spawncount
int validsequence
int ver

Field Documentation

const char* address
netadr_t adr
int cdtrack
struct client_s* clients
struct connection_s* con
int connected
int delta
byte ent_valid[MAX_SV_ENTITIES]
const char* gamedir
struct info_s* info
char* lightstyles[MAX_LIGHTSTYLES]
const char* message
char* modellist[MAX_MODELS+1]
movevars_t movevars
const char* name
netchan_t netchan
struct server_s* next
double next_run
int num_signon_buffers
player_t* player_list
unsigned player_mask
int playermodel
int qport
int signon
int signon_buffer_size[MAX_SIGNON_BUFFERS]
char* soundlist[MAX_SOUNDS+1]
int sounds
int spawncount
int validsequence
int ver

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