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server_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for server_t:

Data Fields

qboolean active
struct sockaddr_in addr
sizebuf_t datagram
byte datagram_buf [MAX_DATAGRAM]
struct edict_sedicts
unsigned int eyes_player_checksum
float lagentsfrac
int lastcheck
double lastchecktime
const char * lightstyles [MAX_LIGHTSTYLES]
qboolean loadgame
sizebuf_t master
byte master_buf [MAX_DATAGRAM]
int max_edicts
int max_signon_buffers
unsigned maxlagents
unsigned int model_player_checksum
const char * model_precache [MAX_MODELS]
char modelname [64]
struct model_smodels [MAX_MODELS]
sizebuf_t multicast
byte multicast_buf [MAX_MSGLEN]
char name [64]
qboolean notimeout
int num_edicts
int num_signon_buffers
qboolean paused
unsigned protocol
struct recorder_s * recorders
int recording_demo
sizebuf_t reliable_datagram
byte reliable_datagram_buf [MAX_DATAGRAM]
sizebuf_t signon
byte signon_buf [MAX_MSGLEN-2]
byte(* signon_buffers )[MAX_DATAGRAM]
const char * sound_precache [MAX_SOUNDS]
server_state_t state
double time
time_t updated
struct model_sworldmodel

Field Documentation

qboolean active
struct sockaddr_in addr
sizebuf_t datagram
byte datagram_buf
edict_t* edicts
struct edict_s* edicts
unsigned int eyes_player_checksum
laggedentinfo_t* lagents
float lagentsfrac
int lastcheck
double lastchecktime
const char * lightstyles
qboolean loadgame
sizebuf_t master
byte master_buf[MAX_DATAGRAM]
int max_edicts
int max_signon_buffers
unsigned maxlagents
unsigned int model_player_checksum
const char * model_precache
char modelname
struct model_s * models
sizebuf_t multicast
byte multicast_buf[MAX_MSGLEN]
char name
qboolean notimeout
int num_edicts
int num_signon_buffers
qboolean paused
byte * phs
unsigned protocol
byte* pvs
struct recorder_s* recorders
int recording_demo
sizebuf_t reliable_datagram
byte reliable_datagram_buf
sizebuf_t signon
byte signon_buf[MAX_MSGLEN-2]
int* signon_buffer_size
byte(* signon_buffers)[MAX_DATAGRAM]
const char * sound_precache
double time
time_t updated
struct model_s * worldmodel

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