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The QuakeForge Project

Mailing Lists

The QuakeForge Project has several email lists, which we use to keep in touch with each other and the community. This page is a list of them (or see the complete listing).

QuakeForge Bugs [ subscribe | archives ]

We hate to admit it, but even our code sometimes has bugs in it. This mailing lists is for discussing those bugs. Also, the QuakeForge bug-tracking system sends mail to this list whenever the bug database for each package is updated.

QuakeForge SVN Updates [ subscribe | archives ]

If you would like to get an email every time something happens in the QuakeForge repo, subscribe to this. Because a mail is sent out every time any file is changed, they tend to be pretty high-traffic. Each email contains a list of files changed, and what was changed.

QuakeForge Development [ subscribe | archives ]

This is where the main development work is discussed. Tempers run high occasionally, and technical discussion is the order of the day. If you are interested in helping, have a patch, or are concerned with the direction the development is taking, this is the place you want to be.

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