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The QuakeForge Project

Developer Tools

The tools on this page are referenced here as a service to developers and prospective developers for QuakeForge.


Internal documention, generated by doxygen, is available.


Git is the program that we use to manage our source tree among multiple developers at a variety of locations. See the git homepage for more information and downloads.

SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH (along with a developer account on the QuakeForge server) is required to be able to write to the QuakeForge CVS repository. Clients for various operating environments may be found below.

UNIX and Unix-like systems:
OpenSSH, being Free Software, is our recommended SSH implementation.
There is also an anti-commercial, non-free implementation available from SSH Communications.
Windows 95, 98, NT, and Windows 2000:
You can get an SSH client from Gordon Chaffee's Windows NT Utilities page.
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