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sys.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  date_s


#define SYS_CHECKMEM(x)
#define SYS_DEV   (1|0)
#define SYS_FS   (1|32)
#define SYS_FS_F   (1|16)
#define SYS_FS_NF   (1|8)
#define SYS_GLSL   (1|2048)
#define SYS_GLT   (1|1024)
#define SYS_MODEL   (1|8192)
#define SYS_NET   (1|64)
#define SYS_RUA_MSG   (1|256)
#define SYS_RUA_OBJ   (1|128)
#define SYS_SKIN   (1|4096)
#define SYS_SND   (1|512)
#define SYS_VID   (1|4)
#define SYS_WARN   (1|2)


typedef struct date_s date_t
typedef void(* sys_printf_t )(const char *fmt, va_list args)


int Sys_CheckInput (int idle, int net_socket)
const char * Sys_ConsoleInput (void)
int Sys_CreatePath (const char *path)
 Create all parent directories leading to the file specified by path. More...
void Sys_DebugLog (const char *file, const char *fmt,...)
double Sys_DoubleTime (void)
void Sys_Error (const char *error,...)
char * Sys_ExpandSquiggle (const char *path)
 Expand leading "~/" in path to the user's home directory. More...
int Sys_FileExists (const char *path)
void Sys_Init (void)
void Sys_Init_Cvars (void)
int Sys_isdir (const char *path)
int64_t Sys_LongTime (void)
void Sys_MakeCodeWriteable (uintptr_t startaddr, size_t length)
void Sys_MaskFPUExceptions (void)
void Sys_MaskPrintf (int mask, const char *fmt,...)
int Sys_mkdir (const char *path)
void Sys_PageIn (void *ptr, int size)
void Sys_PopSignalHook (void)
void Sys_Print (FILE *stream, const char *fmt, va_list args)
void Sys_Printf (const char *fmt,...)
void Sys_PushSignalHook (int(*hook)(int, void *), void *data)
void Sys_Quit (void)
void Sys_RegisterShutdown (void(*func)(void))
void Sys_SetErrPrintf (sys_printf_t func)
void Sys_SetStdPrintf (sys_printf_t func)
void Sys_Shutdown (void)
void Sys_Sleep (void)
int Sys_TimeID (void)
void Sys_TimeOfDay (date_t *date)


struct cvar_sdeveloper
const char sys_char_map [256]
struct cvar_ssys_dead_sleep
struct cvar_ssys_extrasleep
struct cvar_ssys_nostdout
struct cvar_ssys_sleep