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Non-portable functions. More...

Data Structures

struct  date_s


#define SYS_CHECKMEM(x)
#define SYS_DEV   (1|0)
#define SYS_FS   (1|32)
#define SYS_FS_F   (1|16)
#define SYS_FS_NF   (1|8)
#define SYS_GLSL   (1|2048)
#define SYS_GLT   (1|1024)
#define SYS_MODEL   (1|8192)
#define SYS_NET   (1|64)
#define SYS_RUA_MSG   (1|256)
#define SYS_RUA_OBJ   (1|128)
#define SYS_SKIN   (1|4096)
#define SYS_SND   (1|512)
#define SYS_VID   (1|4)
#define SYS_WARN   (1|2)


typedef struct date_s date_t
typedef void(* sys_printf_t )(const char *fmt, va_list args)


int Sys_CheckInput (int idle, int net_socket)
const char * Sys_ConsoleInput (void)
int Sys_CreatePath (const char *path)
 Create all parent directories leading to the file specified by path. More...
void Sys_DebugLog (const char *file, const char *fmt,...)
double Sys_DoubleTime (void)
void Sys_Error (const char *error,...)
char * Sys_ExpandSquiggle (const char *path)
 Expand leading "~/" in path to the user's home directory. More...
int Sys_FileExists (const char *path)
void Sys_Init (void)
void Sys_Init_Cvars (void)
int Sys_isdir (const char *path)
int64_t Sys_LongTime (void)
void Sys_MakeCodeWriteable (uintptr_t startaddr, size_t length)
void Sys_MaskFPUExceptions (void)
void Sys_MaskPrintf (int mask, const char *fmt,...)
int Sys_mkdir (const char *path)
void Sys_PageIn (void *ptr, int size)
void Sys_PopSignalHook (void)
void Sys_Print (FILE *stream, const char *fmt, va_list args)
void Sys_Printf (const char *fmt,...)
void Sys_PushSignalHook (int(*hook)(int, void *), void *data)
void Sys_Quit (void)
void Sys_RegisterShutdown (void(*func)(void))
void Sys_SetErrPrintf (sys_printf_t func)
void Sys_SetStdPrintf (sys_printf_t func)
void Sys_Shutdown (void)
void Sys_Sleep (void)
int Sys_TimeID (void)
void Sys_TimeOfDay (date_t *date)


struct cvar_sdeveloper
const char sys_char_map [256]
struct cvar_ssys_dead_sleep
struct cvar_ssys_extrasleep
struct cvar_ssys_nostdout
struct cvar_ssys_sleep

Detailed Description

Non-portable functions.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SYS_CHECKMEM (   x)
do { \
if (!(x)) \
Sys_Error ("%s: Failed to allocate memory.", __FUNCTION__); \
} while (0)
vec_t * x
Definition: test-bary.c:27
Definition: qp-lex.c:893
void Sys_Error(const char *error,...)
Definition: sys.c:505
#define SYS_DEV   (1|0)
#define SYS_FS   (1|32)
#define SYS_FS_F   (1|16)
#define SYS_FS_NF   (1|8)
#define SYS_GLSL   (1|2048)
#define SYS_GLT   (1|1024)
#define SYS_MODEL   (1|8192)
#define SYS_NET   (1|64)
#define SYS_RUA_MSG   (1|256)
#define SYS_RUA_OBJ   (1|128)
#define SYS_SKIN   (1|4096)
#define SYS_SND   (1|512)
#define SYS_VID   (1|4)
#define SYS_WARN   (1|2)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct date_s date_t
typedef void(* sys_printf_t)(const char *fmt, va_list args)

Function Documentation

int Sys_CheckInput ( int  idle,
int  net_socket 
const char* Sys_ConsoleInput ( void  )
int Sys_CreatePath ( const char *  path)

Create all parent directories leading to the file specified by path.

pathThe path to create.
0 on success, -1 on failure.
No directory will be created for the name after the final /. This is to allow the same path string to be used for both this function and Qopen.
void Sys_DebugLog ( const char *  file,
const char *  fmt,
double Sys_DoubleTime ( void  )
void Sys_Error ( const char *  error,
char* Sys_ExpandSquiggle ( const char *  path)

Expand leading "~/" in path to the user's home directory.

On Linux-like systems, the user's home directory is obtained from the system, or failing that, the HOME environment variable.

On Windows systems, first the HOME environment variable is checked. If HOME is not set, WINDIR is used.

paththe path to check for "~/"
the expanded path
It is the caller's responsibility to free the returned string.
int Sys_FileExists ( const char *  path)
void Sys_Init ( void  )
void Sys_Init_Cvars ( void  )
int Sys_isdir ( const char *  path)
int64_t Sys_LongTime ( void  )
void Sys_MakeCodeWriteable ( uintptr_t  startaddr,
size_t  length 
void Sys_MaskFPUExceptions ( void  )
void Sys_MaskPrintf ( int  mask,
const char *  fmt,
int Sys_mkdir ( const char *  path)
void Sys_PageIn ( void *  ptr,
int  size 
void Sys_PopSignalHook ( void  )
void Sys_Print ( FILE *  stream,
const char *  fmt,
va_list  args 
void Sys_Printf ( const char *  fmt,
void Sys_PushSignalHook ( int(*)(int, void *)  hook,
void *  data 
void Sys_Quit ( void  )
void Sys_RegisterShutdown ( void(*)(void)  func)
void Sys_SetErrPrintf ( sys_printf_t  func)
void Sys_SetStdPrintf ( sys_printf_t  func)
void Sys_Shutdown ( void  )
void Sys_Sleep ( void  )
int Sys_TimeID ( void  )
void Sys_TimeOfDay ( date_t date)

Variable Documentation

struct cvar_s* developer
const char sys_char_map[256]
struct cvar_s* sys_dead_sleep
struct cvar_s* sys_extrasleep
struct cvar_s* sys_nostdout
struct cvar_s* sys_sleep