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 3x3 matrix functions
 4x4 matrix functions
 Checksum generation.
 Command buffer management.
 Command management.
 Configuration variables
 Dual and dual quaternion functions
 Dynamic Strings
 Endian handling functions
 File IO
 Fixed Size Buffers
 Fixed size buffer management.
 Half-float functions
 Hash tables
 High-tide allocator.
 Info Keys
 Memory Management
 H_??? The hunk manages the entire memory block given to quake.
 Message reading and writing
 Miscellaneous functions
 Formatted printing.
 Non-portable functions.
 Property lists
 Quake Filesystem
 Quaternion functions
 Line oriented script parsing.
 Segmented text files.
 Based on The OpenGL Shader Wrangler: http://prideout.net/blog/?p=11.
 Set handling
 Vector and matrix functions
 Wad Files
 Wadfile processing.
 pakfile proccessing

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