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Memory Management

H_??? The hunk manages the entire memory block given to quake. More...

Data Structures

struct  cache_user_s


typedef void *(* cache_allocator_t )(struct cache_user_s *c, int size, const char *name)
typedef void(* cache_loader_t )(void *object, cache_allocator_t allocator)
typedef struct cache_user_s cache_user_t
typedef struct memzone_s memzone_t


void Cache_Add (cache_user_t *c, void *object, cache_loader_t loader)
void * Cache_Alloc (cache_user_t *c, int size, const char *name)
void * Cache_Check (cache_user_t *c)
void Cache_Flush (void)
void Cache_Free (cache_user_t *c)
void * Cache_Get (cache_user_t *c)
int Cache_ReadLock (cache_user_t *c)
void Cache_Release (cache_user_t *c)
void Cache_Remove (cache_user_t *c)
void Cache_Report (void)
void * Cache_TryGet (cache_user_t *c)
void * Hunk_Alloc (int size)
void * Hunk_AllocName (int size, const char *name)
void Hunk_Check (void)
void Hunk_FreeToLowMark (int mark)
int Hunk_LowMark (void)
void * Hunk_TempAlloc (int size)
void Memory_Init (void *buf, int size)
void Z_CheckHeap (memzone_t *zone)
void Z_CheckPointer (const memzone_t *zone, const void *ptr, int size)
void Z_ClearZone (memzone_t *zone, int size, int zone_offset, int ele_size)
void Z_Free (memzone_t *zone, void *ptr)
void * Z_Malloc (memzone_t *zone, int size)
void Z_Print (memzone_t *zone)
void * Z_Realloc (memzone_t *zone, void *ptr, int size)
void Z_SetError (memzone_t *zone, void(*err)(void *data, const char *msg), void *data)
void * Z_TagMalloc (memzone_t *zone, int size, int tag)

Detailed Description

H_??? The hunk manages the entire memory block given to quake.

It must be contiguous. Memory can be allocated from either the low or high end in a stack fashion. The only way memory is released is by resetting one of the pointers.

Hunk allocations should be given a name, so the Hunk_Print () function can display usage.

Hunk allocations are guaranteed to be 16 byte aligned.

The video buffers are allocated high to avoid leaving a hole underneath server allocations when changing to a higher video mode.

Z_??? Zone memory functions used for small, dynamic allocations like text strings from command input. There is only about 48K for it, allocated at the very bottom of the hunk.

Cache_??? Cache memory is for objects that can be dynamically loaded and can usefully stay persistant between levels. The size of the cache fluctuates from level to level.

To allocate a cachable object

Temp_??? Temp memory is used for file loading and surface caching. The size of the cache memory is adjusted so that there is a minimum of 512k remaining for temp memory.

---— Top of Memory ----—

high hunk allocations

<— high hunk reset point held by vid

video buffer

z buffer

surface cache

<— high hunk used

cachable memory

<— low hunk used

client and server low hunk allocations

<– low hunk reset point held by host

startup hunk allocations

Zone block

--— Bottom of Memory --—

Typedef Documentation

typedef void*(* cache_allocator_t)(struct cache_user_s *c, int size, const char *name)
typedef void(* cache_loader_t)(void *object, cache_allocator_t allocator)
typedef struct cache_user_s cache_user_t
typedef struct memzone_s memzone_t

Function Documentation

void Cache_Add ( cache_user_t c,
void *  object,
cache_loader_t  loader 
void* Cache_Alloc ( cache_user_t c,
int  size,
const char *  name 
void* Cache_Check ( cache_user_t c)
void Cache_Flush ( void  )
void Cache_Free ( cache_user_t c)
void* Cache_Get ( cache_user_t c)
int Cache_ReadLock ( cache_user_t c)
void Cache_Release ( cache_user_t c)
void Cache_Remove ( cache_user_t c)
void Cache_Report ( void  )
void* Cache_TryGet ( cache_user_t c)
void* Hunk_Alloc ( int  size)
void* Hunk_AllocName ( int  size,
const char *  name 
void Hunk_Check ( void  )
void Hunk_FreeToLowMark ( int  mark)
int Hunk_LowMark ( void  )
void* Hunk_TempAlloc ( int  size)
void Memory_Init ( void *  buf,
int  size 
void Z_CheckHeap ( memzone_t zone)
void Z_CheckPointer ( const memzone_t zone,
const void *  ptr,
int  size 
void Z_ClearZone ( memzone_t zone,
int  size,
int  zone_offset,
int  ele_size 
void Z_Free ( memzone_t zone,
void *  ptr 
void* Z_Malloc ( memzone_t zone,
int  size 
void Z_Print ( memzone_t zone)
void* Z_Realloc ( memzone_t zone,
void *  ptr,
int  size 
void Z_SetError ( memzone_t zone,
void(*)(void *data, const char *msg err,
void *  data 
void* Z_TagMalloc ( memzone_t zone,
int  size,
int  tag