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client_static_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for client_static_t:

Data Fields

double basetime
int challenge
int chat
qboolean demo_capture
int demonum
qboolean demoplayback
qboolean demoplayback2
qboolean demorecording
struct dstring_sdownloadname
int downloadnumber
int downloadpercent
struct dstring_sdownloadtempname
dltype_t downloadtype
struct dstring_sdownloadurl
qboolean findtrack
int forcetrack
int lastto
int lasttype
float latency
sizebuf_t message
netchan_t netchan
struct qsocket_snetcon
int prevtime
int qport
netadr_t server_addr
struct dstring_sservername
signon_t signon
cactive_t state
int td_lastframe
double td_lastframe
int td_startframe
double td_starttime
qboolean timedemo
struct info_s * userinfo

Field Documentation

double basetime
int challenge
int chat
qboolean demo_capture
QFile * demofile
int demonum
qboolean demoplayback
qboolean demoplayback2
qboolean demorecording
char demos
QFile* download
struct dstring_s* downloadname
int downloadnumber
int downloadpercent
struct dstring_s* downloadtempname
dltype_t downloadtype
struct dstring_s* downloadurl
qboolean findtrack
int forcetrack
int lastto
int lasttype
float latency
sizebuf_t message
netchan_t netchan
struct qsocket_s* netcon
int prevtime
int qport
netadr_t server_addr
struct dstring_s* servername
signon_t signon
cactive_t state
int td_lastframe
double td_lastframe
int td_startframe
double td_starttime
qboolean timedemo
struct info_s* userinfo

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