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net_chan.c File Reference


#define MAX_BACKUP   200
#define PACKET_HEADER   8


qboolean Netchan_CanPacket (netchan_t *chan)
 Check if a packet can be sent to the connection. More...
qboolean Netchan_CanReliable (netchan_t *chan)
 Check if a reliable packet can be sent to the connection. More...
void Netchan_Init (void)
 Initialize the netchan system. More...
void Netchan_Init_Cvars (void)
 Initialize the netchan cvars. More...
void Netchan_OutOfBand (netadr_t adr, int length, byte *data)
 Send an out-of-band packet. More...
void Netchan_OutOfBandPrint (netadr_t adr, const char *format,...)
 Send a formatted string as an out-of-band packet. More...
qboolean Netchan_Process (netchan_t *chan)
 Process a packet for the specifiied connection. More...
void Netchan_SendPacket (int length, const void *data, netadr_t to)
 Send a packet. More...
void Netchan_Setup (netchan_t *chan, netadr_t adr, int qport, ncqport_e flags)
 Initialize a new connection. More...
void Netchan_Transmit (netchan_t *chan, int length, byte *data)
 Try to send an unreliable packet to a connection. More...


int net_blocksend
 Disable packet sending. More...
int net_nochoke
 Disable packet choking. More...
double * net_realtime
 Pointer to variable holding the current time in seconds. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MAX_BACKUP   200
#define PACKET_HEADER   8

Variable Documentation

cvar_t* qport
cvar_t* showdrop
cvar_t* showpackets