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vid_model_funcs_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for vid_model_funcs_s:

Data Fields

int alias_cache
void(* Mod_FinalizeAliasModel )(model_t *m, aliashdr_t *hdr)
void(* Mod_IQMFinish )(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadAliasModel )(model_t *mod, void *buffer, cache_allocator_t allocator)
void(* Mod_LoadExternalSkins )(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadExternalTextures )(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadIQM )(model_t *mod, void *buffer)
void(* Mod_LoadLighting )(bsp_t *bsp)
void *(* Mod_LoadSkin )(byte *skin, int skinsize, int snum, int gnum, qboolean group, maliasskindesc_t *skindesc)
void(* Mod_LoadSpriteModel )(model_t *mod, void *buffer)
void(* Mod_MakeAliasModelDisplayLists )(model_t *m, aliashdr_t *hdr, void *_m, int _s, int extra)
void(* Mod_ProcessTexture )(texture_t *tx)
void(* Mod_SpriteLoadTexture )(mspriteframe_t *pspriteframe, int framenum)
void(* Mod_SubdivideSurface )(msurface_t *fa)
void(* Skin_InitTranslations )(void)
void(* Skin_ProcessTranslation )(int cmap, const byte *translation)
struct skin_s *(* Skin_SetColormap )(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap)
struct skin_s *(* Skin_SetSkin )(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap, const char *skinname)
void(* Skin_SetTranslation )(int cmap, int top, int bottom)
void(* Skin_SetupSkin )(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap)

Field Documentation

int alias_cache
void(* Mod_FinalizeAliasModel)(model_t *m, aliashdr_t *hdr)
void(* Mod_IQMFinish)(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadAliasModel)(model_t *mod, void *buffer, cache_allocator_t allocator)
void(* Mod_LoadExternalSkins)(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadExternalTextures)(model_t *mod)
void(* Mod_LoadIQM)(model_t *mod, void *buffer)
void(* Mod_LoadLighting)(bsp_t *bsp)
void*(* Mod_LoadSkin)(byte *skin, int skinsize, int snum, int gnum, qboolean group, maliasskindesc_t *skindesc)
void(* Mod_LoadSpriteModel)(model_t *mod, void *buffer)
void(* Mod_MakeAliasModelDisplayLists)(model_t *m, aliashdr_t *hdr, void *_m, int _s, int extra)
void(* Mod_ProcessTexture)(texture_t *tx)
void(* Mod_SpriteLoadTexture)(mspriteframe_t *pspriteframe, int framenum)
void(* Mod_SubdivideSurface)(msurface_t *fa)
void(* Skin_InitTranslations)(void)
void(* Skin_ProcessTranslation)(int cmap, const byte *translation)
struct skin_s*(* Skin_SetColormap)(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap)
struct skin_s*(* Skin_SetSkin)(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap, const char *skinname)
void(* Skin_SetTranslation)(int cmap, int top, int bottom)
void(* Skin_SetupSkin)(struct skin_s *skin, int cmap)

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