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netchan_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for netchan_s:

Data Fields

qboolean fatal_error
 True if the message overflowed. More...
ncqport_e flags
float last_received
 Time the last packet was received. More...
int qport
netadr_t remote_address

the statistics are cleared at each client begin, because the server connection process gives a bogus picture of the data

float frame_latency
 rolling average More...
float frame_rate
int drop_count
 dropped packets, cleared each level More...
int net_drop
 packets dropped before this one More...
int good_count
 cleared each level More...
bandwidth estimator
double cleartime
 if realtime > nc->cleartime, free to go More...
double rate
 seconds / byte More...
sequencing variables
int incoming_sequence
int incoming_acknowledged
int incoming_reliable_acknowledged
 single bit More...
int incoming_reliable_sequence
 single bit, maintained local More...
int outgoing_sequence
int reliable_sequence
 single bit More...
int last_reliable_sequence
 sequence number of last send More...
reliable staging and holding areas
sizebuf_t message
 writing buffer to send to server More...
byte message_buf [MAX_MSGLEN]
int reliable_length
byte reliable_buf [MAX_MSGLEN]
 unacked reliable message More...
time and size data to calculate bandwidth
int outgoing_size [MAX_LATENT]
double outgoing_time [MAX_LATENT]

Field Documentation

double cleartime

if realtime > nc->cleartime, free to go

int drop_count

dropped packets, cleared each level

qboolean fatal_error

True if the message overflowed.

ncqport_e flags
float frame_latency

rolling average

float frame_rate
int good_count

cleared each level

int incoming_acknowledged
int incoming_reliable_acknowledged

single bit

int incoming_reliable_sequence

single bit, maintained local

int incoming_sequence
float last_received

Time the last packet was received.

int last_reliable_sequence

sequence number of last send

sizebuf_t message

writing buffer to send to server

byte message_buf[MAX_MSGLEN]
int net_drop

packets dropped before this one

int outgoing_sequence
int outgoing_size[MAX_LATENT]
double outgoing_time[MAX_LATENT]
int qport
double rate

seconds / byte

byte reliable_buf[MAX_MSGLEN]

unacked reliable message

int reliable_length
int reliable_sequence

single bit

netadr_t remote_address

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