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gib_buffer_data_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for gib_buffer_data_s:

Data Structures

struct  gib_sstack_s

Data Fields

struct dstring_sarg_composite
void * ddata
void(* dnotify )(cbuf_t *cbuf, void *data)
struct hashtab_s * globals
struct gib_tree_sip
struct hashtab_s * locals
struct gib_tree_sprogram
struct {
   struct gib_message_s   mesg
   struct gib_method_s *   method
   struct gib_object_s *   obj
struct gib_script_sscript
qboolean waitret

Field Documentation

struct dstring_s* arg_composite
void* ddata
void(* dnotify)(cbuf_t *cbuf, void *data)
struct hashtab_s* globals
struct gib_tree_s * ip
struct hashtab_s* locals
struct gib_message_s mesg
struct gib_method_s* method
struct gib_object_s* obj
struct gib_tree_s* program
struct { ... } reply
struct gib_script_s* script
qboolean waitret

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