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Collaboration diagram for entity_s:

Data Fields

vec_t angle
vec3_t angles
int attenuation
const char * classname
vec3_t color
vec3_t color2
float colormod [4]
struct plitem_s * dict
struct efrag_sefrag
vec_t falloff
int frame
float frame_interval
float frame_start_time
vec_t full_transform [4 *4]
int fullbright
int light
vec_t lightoffset
vec_t lightradius
float min_light
struct model_smodel
struct entity_snext
float noise
int noisetype
int num_suns
vec3_t old_origin
vec3_t origin
float persistence
int pose1
int pose2
struct model_spose_model
float radius
float resolution
float scale
float shadow_sense
struct skin_sskin
int skinnum
vec_t spotcone
vec3_t spotdir
int style
vec_t subbrightness
vec3_t sun_color [2]
vec3_t sun_dir [NUMSUNS]
int sun_light [2]
float syncbase
const char * target
struct entity_stargetent
const char * targetname
struct mnode_stopnode
vec_t transform [4 *4]
int trivial_accept
struct entity_sunext
unsigned short visbit
unsigned short visbyte
int visframe

Field Documentation

vec_t angle
vec3_t angles
int attenuation
const char* classname
vec3_t color2
float colormod[4]
struct plitem_s* dict
struct efrag_s* efrag
vec_t falloff
int frame
float frame_interval
float frame_start_time
vec_t full_transform[4 *4]
int fullbright
int light
vec_t lightoffset
vec_t lightradius
float min_light
struct model_s* model
struct entity_s* next
float noise
int noisetype
int num_suns
vec3_t old_origin
vec3_t origin
float persistence
int pose1
int pose2
struct model_s* pose_model
float radius
float resolution
float scale
float shadow_sense
struct skin_s* skin
int skinnum
vec_t spotcone
vec3_t spotdir
int style
vec_t subbrightness
vec3_t sun_color[2]
vec3_t sun_dir[NUMSUNS]
int sun_light[2]
float syncbase
const char* target
struct entity_s* targetent
const char* targetname
struct mnode_s* topnode
vec_t transform[4 *4]
int trivial_accept
struct entity_s* unext
unsigned short visbit
unsigned short visbyte
int visframe

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