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Light entity data.

Data Structures

struct  entity_s


#define DEFAULTFALLOFF   1.0f
#define LIGHT_INVERSE   2
#define LIGHT_LH   5
#define LIGHT_LINEAR   0
#define LIGHT_NO_ATTEN   4
#define LIGHT_RADIUS   1
#define NOISE_PERLIN   2
#define NOISE_RANDOM   0
#define NOISE_SMOOTH   1


typedef struct entity_s entity_t


entity_tFindEntityWithKeyPair (const char *key, const char *value)
void GetVectorForKey (entity_t *ent, const char *key, vec3_t vec)
void LoadEntities (void)
void SetKeyValue (entity_t *ent, const char *key, const char *value)
 Set the value of the entity's key. More...
const char * ValueForKey (entity_t *ent, const char *key)
void WriteEntitiesToString (void)
 Write all valid entities to the bsp file. More...


int num_entities

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEFAULTFALLOFF   1.0f
#define LIGHT_INVERSE   2
#define LIGHT_LH   5
#define LIGHT_LINEAR   0
#define LIGHT_NO_ATTEN   4
#define LIGHT_RADIUS   1
#define NOISE_PERLIN   2
#define NOISE_RANDOM   0
#define NOISE_SMOOTH   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct entity_s entity_t

Function Documentation

entity_t* FindEntityWithKeyPair ( const char *  key,
const char *  value 
void GetVectorForKey ( entity_t ent,
const char *  key,
vec3_t  vec 
void LoadEntities ( void  )
void SetKeyValue ( entity_t ent,
const char *  key,
const char *  value 

Set the value of the entity's key.

If the key does not exist, one will be added.

entThe entity owning the key.
keyThe key to set.
valueThe value to which the key is to be set.
const char* ValueForKey ( entity_t ent,
const char *  key 
void WriteEntitiesToString ( void  )

Write all valid entities to the bsp file.

Writes all entities that still have key=value pairs to the bsp file. Only the key=value pairs are written: any brush data is left out.

Variable Documentation

entity_t* entities
int num_entities
entity_t* world_entity