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qfplist.c File Reference


#define char2num(ch)
#define inrange(ch, min, max)   ((ch) >= (min) && (ch) <= (max))


typedef struct dictkey_s dictkey_t
typedef struct plarray_s plarray_t
typedef struct plbinary_s plbinary_t
typedef struct pldata_s pldata_t


qboolean PL_A_AddObject (plitem_t *array, plitem_t *item)
 Add an item to an array. More...
qboolean PL_A_InsertObjectAtIndex (plitem_t *array, plitem_t *item, int index)
 Insert an item into an array before the specified location. More...
int PL_A_NumObjects (plitem_t *array)
 Retrieve the number of items in an array. More...
qboolean PL_D_AddObject (plitem_t *dict, const char *key, plitem_t *value)
 Add a key/value pair to a dictionary. More...
plitem_tPL_D_AllKeys (plitem_t *dict)
 Retrieve a list of all keys in a dictionary. More...
int PL_D_NumKeys (plitem_t *dict)
 Retrieve the number of keys in a dictionary. More...
void PL_Free (plitem_t *item)
 Free a property list object. More...
plitem_tPL_GetPropertyList (const char *string)
 Create an in-memory representation of the contents of a property list. More...
plitem_tPL_NewArray (void)
 Create a new array object. More...
plitem_tPL_NewData (void *data, size_t size)
 Create a new data object from the given data. More...
plitem_tPL_NewDictionary (void)
 Create a new dictionary object. More...
plitem_tPL_NewString (const char *str)
 Create a new string object. More...
plitem_tPL_ObjectAtIndex (plitem_t *array, int index)
 Retrieve a value from an array object. More...
plitem_tPL_ObjectForKey (plitem_t *dict, const char *key)
 Retrieve a value from a dictionary object. More...
plitem_tPL_RemoveObjectAtIndex (plitem_t *array, int index)
 Remove a value from an array object. More...
plitem_tPL_RemoveObjectForKey (plitem_t *dict, const char *key)
 Remove a value from a dictionary object. More...
const char * PL_String (plitem_t *string)
 Retrieve a string from a string object. More...
pltype_t PL_Type (plitem_t *item)
 Retrieve the type of an object. More...
char * PL_WritePropertyList (plitem_t *pl)
 Create a property list string from the in-memory representation. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define char2num (   ch)
(inrange((ch), '0', '9') ? ((ch) - '0') \
: 10 + (inrange((ch), 'a', 'f') ? ((ch) - 'a') \
: ((ch) - 'A')))
#define inrange(ch, min, max)
Definition: qfplist.c:93
#define inrange (   ch,
)    ((ch) >= (min) && (ch) <= (max))

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct dictkey_s dictkey_t
typedef struct plarray_s plarray_t
typedef struct plbinary_s plbinary_t
typedef struct pldata_s pldata_t