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cvar.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  cvar_alias_s
struct  cvar_s



Zoid| A good CVAR_ROM example is userpath.

The code should read "cvar_t fs_userpath = CvarGet("fs_userpath", ".", CVAR_ROM); The user can override that with +set fs_userpath <blah> since the command line +set gets created before the C code for fs_basepath setup is called. The code goes "look, the user made fs_basepath already", uses the users value, but sets CVAR_ROM as per the call.

#define CVAR_NONE   0
 normal cvar More...
#define CVAR_ARCHIVE   1
 set to cause it to be saved to More...
#define CVAR_USERINFO   2
 sent to server on connect or change More...
 sent in response to front end requests More...
#define CVAR_NOTIFY   32
 Will notify players when changed. More...
#define CVAR_ROM   64
 display only, cannot be set More...
#define CVAR_USER_CREATED   128
 created by a set command More...
#define CVAR_LATCH   2048
 will change only when C code next does More...


typedef struct cvar_alias_s cvar_alias_t
typedef struct cvar_s cvar_t


qboolean Cvar_Command (void)
const char ** Cvar_CompleteBuildList (const char *partial)
int Cvar_CompleteCountPossible (const char *partial)
const char * Cvar_CompleteVariable (const char *partial)
cvar_tCvar_FindAlias (const char *alias_name)
cvar_tCvar_FindVar (const char *var_name)
cvar_tCvar_Get (const char *name, const char *value, int cvarflags, void(*callback)(cvar_t *), const char *description)
void Cvar_Init (void)
void Cvar_Init_Hash (void)
cvar_tCvar_MakeAlias (const char *name, cvar_t *cvar)
cvar_tCvar_RemoveAlias (const char *name)
void Cvar_Set (cvar_t *var, const char *value)
void Cvar_SetFlags (cvar_t *var, int cvarflags)
void Cvar_SetValue (cvar_t *var, float value)
const char * Cvar_VariableString (const char *var_name)
float Cvar_VariableValue (const char *var_name)
void Cvar_WriteVariables (QFile *f)