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winding.c File Reference


#define BOGUS   (18000.0)


winding_tBaseWindingForPlane (const plane_t *p)
winding_tClipWinding (winding_t *in, plane_t *split, qboolean keepon)
 Clip the winding to the plain. More...
winding_tCopyWinding (const winding_t *w)
 Create a new winding with the same points as the given winding. More...
winding_tCopyWindingReverse (const winding_t *w)
 Create a new winding with the reverse points of the given winding. More...
void DivideWinding (winding_t *in, plane_t *split, winding_t **front, winding_t **back)
 Divide a winding by a plane, producing one or two windings. More...
void FreeWinding (winding_t *w)
 Free the winding. More...
winding_tNewWinding (int points)
 Create a new, empty winding with space for the specified number of points. More...
winding_tWindingVectors (const winding_t *w, int unit)
 Create a new "winding" that holds the unit vectors of the edges of the given winding. More...


int c_activewindings
int c_peakwindings

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#define BOGUS   (18000.0)