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viddef_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

float aspect
void * buffer
unsigned short * colormap16
unsigned intcolormap32
void * conbuffer
int conheight
int conrowbytes
int conwidth
qboolean cshift_changed
quat_t cshift_color
void(* do_screen_buffer )(void)
void(* end_rendering )(void)
void(* flush_caches )(void)
int fullbright
void *(* get_proc_address )(const char *name, qboolean crit)
int height
void(* init_caches )(void *cache, int size)
void(* init_gl )(void)
qboolean initialized
qboolean is8bit
void(* load_gl )(void)
int numpages
qboolean recalc_refdef
int rowbytes
void(* set_palette )(const byte *palette)
int(* surf_cache_size )(int width, int height)
void * surfcache
int width
short * zbuffer

Field Documentation

float aspect
byte* basepal
void* buffer
unsigned short* colormap16
unsigned int* colormap32
byte* colormap8
void* conbuffer
int conheight
int conrowbytes
int conwidth
qboolean cshift_changed
quat_t cshift_color
byte* direct
void(* do_screen_buffer)(void)
void(* end_rendering)(void)
void(* flush_caches)(void)
int fullbright
byte* gammatable
void*(* get_proc_address)(const char *name, qboolean crit)
int height
void(* init_caches)(void *cache, int size)
void(* init_gl)(void)
qboolean initialized
qboolean is8bit
void(* load_gl)(void)
int numpages
byte* palette
qboolean recalc_refdef
int rowbytes
void(* set_palette)(const byte *palette)
int(* surf_cache_size)(int width, int height)
void* surfcache
int width
short* zbuffer

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