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set_s Struct Reference

Represent a set using a bitmap. More...

Collaboration diagram for set_s:

Data Fields

set_bits_t defmap [SET_DEFMAP_SIZE]
 backing store for small sets More...
int inverted
 if true, 0 indicates membership More...
 bitmap of set members More...
struct set_snext
 private. for ALLOC More...
unsigned size
 number of representable members More...

Detailed Description

Represent a set using a bitmap.

When inverted is zero, ones in the bitmap represent members, but when inverted is non-zero, zeros in the bitmap represent members. However, this really is all private implementation details and it is best to treat set_t as a black box.

Field Documentation

backing store for small sets

int inverted

if true, 0 indicates membership

set_bits_t* map

bitmap of set members

struct set_s* next

private. for ALLOC

unsigned size

number of representable members

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