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lightinfo_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for lightinfo_t:

Data Fields

vec_t exactmaxs [2]
vec_t exactmins [2]
vec_t facedist
vec3_t facenormal
int lightstyles [MAXLIGHTMAPS]
int numpoints
int numsamples
lightpoint_t point [SINGLEMAP *16]
lightsample_t sample [MAXLIGHTMAPS][SINGLEMAP]
vec3_t testlineimpact
int texmins [2]
vec3_t texorg
int texsize [2]
vec3_t textoworld [2]
vec3_t worldtotex [2]

Field Documentation

vec_t exactmaxs[2]
vec_t exactmins[2]
dface_t* face
vec_t facedist
vec3_t facenormal
int lightstyles[MAXLIGHTMAPS]
int numpoints
int numsamples
lightpoint_t point[SINGLEMAP *16]
vec3_t testlineimpact
int texmins[2]
vec3_t texorg
int texsize[2]
vec3_t textoworld[2]
vec3_t worldtotex[2]

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