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map.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  entity_t
 In-memory representation of an entity as parsed from the map script. More...
struct  epair_s
struct  mbrush_s
struct  mface_s


#define MAX_FACES   256


typedef struct epair_s epair_t
typedef struct mbrush_s mbrush_t
typedef struct mface_s mface_t


int FindMiptex (const char *name)
 Allocate a miptex handle for the named miptex. More...
void GetVectorForKey (const entity_t *ent, const char *key, vec3_t vec)
 Parse a vector value from an entity's key. More...
void LoadMapFile (const char *filename)
 Load and parse the map script. More...
void PrintEntity (const entity_t *ent)
 Dump an entity's data to stdout. More...
void SetKeyValue (entity_t *ent, const char *key, const char *value)
 Set the value of the entity's key. More...
const char * ValueForKey (const entity_t *ent, const char *key)
 Get the value for the specified key from an entity. More...
void WriteEntitiesToString (void)
 Write all valid entities to the bsp file. More...


const char ** miptexnames
int num_entities
int nummiptexnames