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BSP Creation Functions


void CalcSurfaceInfo (struct surface_s *surf)
 Calculate the bounding box of the surface. More...
struct node_sSolidBSP (struct surface_s *surfhead, qboolean midsplit)
 Partition the surfaces, creating a nice bsp. More...


int c_empty
int c_solid
int c_water
int leaffaces
int nodefaces
int splitnodes
qboolean usemidsplit

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void CalcSurfaceInfo ( struct surface_s surf)

Calculate the bounding box of the surface.

surfThe surface of which to calculate the bounding box.
node_t * SolidBSP ( struct surface_s surfhead,
qboolean  midsplit 

Partition the surfaces, creating a nice bsp.

surfheadThe surfaces to partition.
midsplitIf true, use the volume balancing heuristic rather than the split balancing heuristic (false).

Variable Documentation

int c_empty
int c_solid
int c_water
int leaffaces
int nodefaces
int splitnodes
qboolean usemidsplit