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defspace.c File Reference


#define GROW   1024


typedef struct locref_s locref_t


int defspace_add_data (defspace_t *space, pr_type_t *data, int size)
 Copy a block of data into a defspace. More...
int defspace_alloc_loc (defspace_t *space, int size)
 Allocate space from the defspace's backing memory. More...
void defspace_free_loc (defspace_t *space, int ofs, int size)
 Free a block of contiguous words, returning them to the defspace. More...
defspace_tdefspace_new (ds_type_t type)
 Create an empty defspace. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GROW   1024

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct locref_s locref_t