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symtab.c File Reference


symbol_tcopy_symbol (symbol_t *symbol)
 Make a copy of a symbol. More...
symbol_tmake_symbol (const char *name, type_t *type, defspace_t *space, storage_class_t storage)
symbol_tnew_symbol (const char *name)
 Create a new, empty named symbol. More...
symbol_tnew_symbol_type (const char *name, type_t *type)
 Create a new, typed, named symbol. More...
symtab_tnew_symtab (symtab_t *parent, stab_type_e type)
 Create a new, empty symbol table. More...
symbol_tsymtab_addsymbol (symtab_t *symtab, symbol_t *symbol)
 Add a symbol to the symbol table. More...
symtab_tsymtab_flat_copy (symtab_t *symtab, symtab_t *parent)
 Create a new single symbol table from the given symbol table chain. More...
symbol_tsymtab_lookup (symtab_t *symtab, const char *name)
 Lookup a name in the symbol table. More...
symbol_tsymtab_removesymbol (symtab_t *symtab, symbol_t *symbol)
 Remove a symbol from the symbol table. More...
const char * symtype_str (sy_type_e type)

Function Documentation

symbol_t* make_symbol ( const char *  name,
type_t type,
defspace_t space,
storage_class_t  storage