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surfaces.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  edgeface_s


typedef struct edgeface_s edgeface_t


face_tAllocFace (void)
 Allocate a new face. More...
surface_tAllocSurface (void)
 Allocate a new surface. More...
void FreeFace (face_t *f)
 Free a face. More...
void FreeSurface (surface_t *s)
 Free a surface. More...
struct surface_sGatherNodeFaces (struct node_s *headnode)
 Free the current node tree and return a new chain of the surfaces that have inside faces. More...
void MakeFaceEdges (struct node_s *headnode)
 Give edges to all the faces in the bsp tree. More...
void SubdivideFace (struct visfacet_s *f, struct visfacet_s **prevptr)
 Split any faces that are too big. More...


int c_cornerverts
int c_tryedges
int firstmodeledge
int firstmodelface