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qfo_header_s Struct Reference

Header block of QFO object files. More...

Data Fields

pr_int_t num_defs
 number of def records More...
pr_int_t num_funcs
 number of function records More...
pr_int_t num_lines
 number of line records More...
pr_int_t num_loose_relocs
 number of loose relocation records More...
pr_int_t num_relocs
 number of relocation records More...
pr_int_t num_spaces
int8_t qfo [4]
 identifier string (includes nul) (QFO) More...
pr_int_t version
 QFO format version (QFO_VERSION) More...

Detailed Description

Header block of QFO object files.

The sections of the object file come immediately after the header, and are always in the order given by the struct.

All indices to records are 0-based from the beginning of the relevant section.

Field Documentation

pr_int_t num_defs

number of def records

pr_int_t num_funcs

number of function records

pr_int_t num_lines

number of line records

pr_int_t num_loose_relocs

number of loose relocation records

(included in num_relocs)

pr_int_t num_relocs

number of relocation records

pr_int_t num_spaces
int8_t qfo[4]

identifier string (includes nul) (QFO)

pr_int_t version

QFO format version (QFO_VERSION)

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