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pr_info_s Struct Reference

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Data Fields

struct pr_auxfunction_sauxfunctions
int auxfunctions_size
struct codespace_scode
 progs code data More...
struct defspace_sentity_data
 entity field address space. More...
struct symtab_sentity_fields
int error_count
struct defspace_sfar_data
 data that might not be directly addressabe by statements (address possibly > 64k) More...
struct function_sfunc_head
struct function_s ** func_tail
struct pr_lineno_slinenos
int linenos_size
struct defspace_snear_data
 data directly addressable by statments (address < 64k) More...
int num_auxfunctions
int num_functions
int num_linenos
struct reloc_srelocs
string_t source_file
int source_line
struct strpool_sstrings
 progs string data More...
struct symtab_ssymtab
struct defspace_stype_data
 encoded type information. More...
struct type_stypes

Detailed Description

Output generated by prog parsing.

Field Documentation

struct pr_auxfunction_s* auxfunctions
int auxfunctions_size
struct codespace_s* code

progs code data

struct defspace_s* entity_data

entity field address space.

no data is stored in the progs file

struct symtab_s* entity_fields
int error_count
struct defspace_s* far_data

data that might not be directly addressabe by statements (address possibly > 64k)

struct function_s* func_head
struct function_s** func_tail
dfunction_t* functions
struct pr_lineno_s* linenos
int linenos_size
struct defspace_s* near_data

data directly addressable by statments (address < 64k)

int num_auxfunctions
int num_functions
int num_linenos
struct reloc_s* relocs
string_t source_file
int source_line
srcline_t* srcline_stack
struct strpool_s* strings

progs string data

struct symtab_s* symtab
struct defspace_s* type_data

encoded type information.

struct type_s* types

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