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overloaded_function_s Struct Reference

Represent an overloading of a function. More...

Collaboration diagram for overloaded_function_s:

Data Fields

string_t file
 source file of the function More...
const char * full_name
 progs name of function, with type encoding More...
int line
 source line of this function More...
const char * name
 source level name of function More...
struct overloaded_function_snext
int overloaded
 is this function overloaded More...
struct type_stype
 type of this function More...

Detailed Description

Represent an overloading of a function.

Every function, whether overloaded or not, has an entry in the overloaded function database.

Field Documentation

string_t file

source file of the function

const char* full_name

progs name of function, with type encoding

int line

source line of this function

const char* name

source level name of function

struct overloaded_function_s* next
int overloaded

is this function overloaded

struct type_s* type

type of this function

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