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iqmheader_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t filesize
uint32_t flags
char magic [16]
uint32_t num_anims
uint32_t num_comment
uint32_t num_extensions
uint32_t num_framechannels
uint32_t num_frames
uint32_t num_joints
uint32_t num_meshes
uint32_t num_poses
uint32_t num_text
uint32_t num_triangles
uint32_t num_vertexarrays
uint32_t num_vertexes
uint32_t ofs_adjacency
uint32_t ofs_anims
uint32_t ofs_bounds
uint32_t ofs_comment
uint32_t ofs_extensions
uint32_t ofs_frames
uint32_t ofs_joints
uint32_t ofs_meshes
uint32_t ofs_poses
uint32_t ofs_text
uint32_t ofs_triangles
uint32_t ofs_vertexarrays
uint32_t version

Field Documentation

uint32_t filesize
uint32_t flags
char magic[16]
uint32_t num_anims
uint32_t num_comment
uint32_t num_extensions
uint32_t num_framechannels
uint32_t num_frames
uint32_t num_joints
uint32_t num_meshes
uint32_t num_poses
uint32_t num_text
uint32_t num_triangles
uint32_t num_vertexarrays
uint32_t num_vertexes
uint32_t ofs_adjacency
uint32_t ofs_anims
uint32_t ofs_bounds
uint32_t ofs_comment
uint32_t ofs_extensions
uint32_t ofs_frames
uint32_t ofs_joints
uint32_t ofs_meshes
uint32_t ofs_poses
uint32_t ofs_text
uint32_t ofs_triangles
uint32_t ofs_vertexarrays
uint32_t version

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