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VideoMode Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for VideoMode:

Data Fields

__u32 accel_flags
unsigned bcast: 1
unsigned csync: 1
unsigned dblscan: 1
__u32 depth
double drate
unsigned extsync: 1
unsigned grayscale: 1
unsigned gsync: 1
double hrate
__u32 hslen
unsigned hsync: 1
unsigned laced: 1
__u32 left
__u32 lower
const char * name
struct VideoModenext
__u32 nonstd
__u32 pixclock
__u32 right
struct color red green blue transp
__u32 upper
double vrate
__u32 vslen
unsigned vsync: 1
__u32 vxres
__u32 vyres
__u32 xres
__u32 yres

Field Documentation

__u32 accel_flags
unsigned bcast
unsigned csync
unsigned dblscan
__u32 depth
double drate
unsigned extsync
unsigned grayscale
unsigned gsync
double hrate
__u32 hslen
unsigned hsync
unsigned laced
__u32 left
__u32 lower
const char* name
struct VideoMode* next
__u32 nonstd
__u32 pixclock
__u32 right
struct color red green blue transp
__u32 upper
double vrate
__u32 vslen
unsigned vsync
__u32 vxres
__u32 vyres
__u32 xres
__u32 yres

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