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linker.h File Reference
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void linker_add_def (const char *name, struct type_s *type, unsigned flags, void *val)
int linker_add_lib (const char *libname)
int linker_add_object_file (const char *filename)
void linker_add_path (const char *path)
int linker_add_qfo (struct qfo_s *qfo)
int linker_add_string (const char *str)
 Add a string to the working qfo string pool. More...
void linker_begin (void)
 Initialize the linker state. More...
struct qfo_def_slinker_find_def (const char *name)
struct qfo_slinker_finish (void)

Function Documentation

void linker_add_def ( const char *  name,
struct type_s type,
unsigned  flags,
void *  val 
int linker_add_lib ( const char *  libname)
int linker_add_object_file ( const char *  filename)
void linker_add_path ( const char *  path)
int linker_add_qfo ( struct qfo_s qfo)
int linker_add_string ( const char *  str)

Add a string to the working qfo string pool.

If the string is already in the string pool, the already existing string index will be returned instead of adding a second copy of the string.

The strings space in the working qfo is kept up to date.

strThe string to add.
The string offset in the working qfo string pool.
void linker_begin ( void  )

Initialize the linker state.

struct qfo_def_s* linker_find_def ( const char *  name)
struct qfo_s* linker_finish ( void  )