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Object file type encoding

All pointer_t type fields are pointers within the type qfo_space. More...

Data Structures

struct  qfot_array_s
struct  qfot_fldptr_s
struct  qfot_func_s
struct  qfot_struct_s
struct  qfot_type_encodings_s
struct  qfot_type_s
 QFO type encoding. More...
struct  qfot_var_s


typedef struct qfot_array_s qfot_array_t
typedef struct qfot_fldptr_s qfot_fldptr_t
typedef struct qfot_func_s qfot_func_t
typedef struct qfot_struct_s qfot_struct_t
typedef struct
typedef struct qfot_type_s qfot_type_t
 QFO type encoding. More...
typedef struct qfot_var_s qfot_var_t


struct def_sqfo_encode_type (struct type_s *type)

Detailed Description

All pointer_t type fields are pointers within the type qfo_space.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct qfot_array_s qfot_array_t
typedef struct qfot_fldptr_s qfot_fldptr_t
typedef struct qfot_func_s qfot_func_t
typedef struct qfot_struct_s qfot_struct_t
typedef struct qfot_type_s qfot_type_t

QFO type encoding.

As this holds a union of all type representations, and those representations may contain variable arrays, sizeof() will return only one, rather useless, value. It is also not suitable for direct use in arrays.
typedef struct qfot_var_s qfot_var_t

Function Documentation

struct def_s* qfo_encode_type ( struct type_s type)