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Todo List
Global alias_def (def_t *def, struct type_s *type, int offset)
Make aliasing to the same type a no-op?
Global FreeMergeListScraps (face_t *merged)
Reimplement MergeFaceToList() such that this function is no longer needed.
Global MSG_ReadCoord (qmsg_t *msg)
Global MSG_ReadCoordV (qmsg_t *msg, vec3_t coord)
Global MSG_ReadFloat (qmsg_t *msg)
Global MSG_ReadLong (qmsg_t *msg)
Global MSG_ReadString (qmsg_t *msg)
Global PR_Check_Opcodes (progs_t *pr)
should this be elsewhere?
Module pr_cmds
This really doesn't belong in progs.
Global QFS_FilelistAdd (filelist_t *filelist, const char *fname, const char *ext)
Should the extension stripping be done by the caller?
Global QFS_LoadFile (QFile *file, int usehunk)
remove usehunk
Page QW Download Specification
[this has no bearing on the protocol itself] One good reason for the name being quite different is when the requested file is part of a pak file (and downloading the pak file is permitted), the entire pak file can be sent instead. QF does not yet do this, but it should be easy enough to implement: if file_from_pak (from FOpenFile) is set, and pak file downloading is permitted, do a rename (-2 for non-http, set newname in http) and send that instead. The client can check for a ".pak" extension in the rename, permit it, and then cause a rescan of the game directory in order to pick up the new pak file.
Global S_AmbientOff (void)
not used, remove?
Global S_AmbientOn (void)
not used, remove?
Global SND_AmbientOff (void)
not used, remove?
Global SND_AmbientOn (void)
not used, remove?
Global temp_def (etype_t type, int size)
support arbitrary sizes