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QW Capabilities String

Client capabilities are specified using the "*cap" info key.

The info string is made up of single char flags (possibly with modifiers, though currently none exist).

Defined capabilities (* = not implemented):

  • z client can accept gzipped files.
  • h http transfers
  • f * ftp transfers
  • a * audio channel (voice chat)
  • i * irc
  • p pogo stick control
  • t team messages

For more information on z and h, see QW Download Specification.

The QuakeForge clients will not send "*cap" to the server unless "QF" or "EXT" is detected in the challenge string sent by the server.

From the QuakeForge quakeworld server:

    if (sv_extensions->int_val) {
        extended = " QF qtv EXT";

    // send it to the client
    Netchan_OutOfBandPrint (net_from, "%c%i%s", S2C_CHALLENGE,
                            svs.challenges[i].challenge, extended);