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The Key-Binding System
To: Colin Thompson
Subject: Re: toggle console problem
From: Bill Currie
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:15:16 -0700

On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 07:33:38AM -0000, Colin Thompson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed a problem with binding a key to toggle the console. the
> 'traditional' key is usually tilde but it only brings the console down -
> after that the keypress is is captured by the console code and won't send it
> back up again....

This is actually by design.

> I'm not sure if this is classed as a bug or not, but I noticed that Taniwha
> is working with the console code so I thought this list would be more
> appropriate...

Yeah, I've been busy of late (finally got back into the swing of things:).

> Should the console be capturing only certain keys? or everything?

Well, the console /is/ capturing the keys. They're just not bound to any
action. qf 0.5 has a rather powerful key binding system (thanks to Mercury)
that can drasticly simplify config scripts. Rather than the one key binding
table you're used to, qf has eighteen: one for the console (IMT_CONSOLE) and
17 for in-game (IMT_0 to IMT_16). There is also IMT_DEFAULT, but that just
maps to IMT_0. The way to bind keys in this system is (eg): in_bind
imt_console k_backquote toggleconsole (there, even answered your main
question:). IMT -> input mapping table. Here's another, longer example:


exec configs/common/alias/zoom.cfg
bind mwheeldown z_out
bind mwheelup z_in

in_bind imt_1 m_wheel_down "impulse 12"
in_bind imt_1 m_wheel_up "impulse 10"
in_bind imt_0 k_capslock +goto_imt_1
// unbound keys in imt_[1-16] fall through to imt_0
alias +goto_imt_1 "imt imt_1"
alias -goto_imt_1 "imt imt_0"


Now, bind acts as a compatability layer taking the old bind syntax (and key
names), converting them to the new using the imt specified in the in_bind_imt
cvar (which defaults to imt_default (which points to imt_0: the main game
imt)). The imt command selects the current imt that the input engine is to
check for a binding.

What this setup does is give me variable zoom using my mouse wheel by default.
When I hold down the capslock key, the wheel cycles though my weapons.

As stated in the comment in the config, if the input engine doesn't find a
binding for a key in tables 1-16, it will look in table 0. If it still doesn't
find a binding, it drops the key.

imt_console is /totally/ independent of imt 0-16. /any/ time you leave the
game, imt_console is made the `default' and imt_0 to imt_16 are ignored. In
game, imt_0 is default with imt_1 to imt_16 being available.

Ways to leave the game: bring down the console (or have it forced down via
disconnect); go to the menu (they're not functional yet, but I'm making
progress); messagemode1 and messagemode2.


PS: incase nobodie's noticed: chat now has input history. just use the up/down
arrow keys.
Leave others their otherness. -- Aratak